Thursday, August 26, 2010

Custom Items

I am so lucky to have so many little ladies in my family because I have product testers aside from just my own daughter, and since I am still getting started many of my custom orders are also from family members. 

The first set of photo's are of a custom order I had for my cousin who is 7 years old. She wanted a chic little hard headband piece that matched her school colours, aside from those specific requests I was allowed free reign to be creative! Although I was not able to capture my cousin wearing the headband because my poor camera battery would not cooperate, the piece looked great on her and she was so excited to wear it! So here is my daughter showing off the piece right after I finished making it. 

The next item is my first attempt at a pillow case dress. I had originally wanted to create two of the same dresses for my daughter and her little cousin to wear at my Grandmother's 97th birthday but a few other items came up in the meantime that took priority, so here is the pillowcase dress on our cutie pie little cousin who turned 1 in June.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I just thought that I would post a picture of my daughter wearing the fish clip since it is a fairly large clip and I wanted to let you see how it would look, so although this clip in particular would not necessarily suit a baby, my daughter is 2 and the proportions look just great!  

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Clips

Here are some new additions to Sweet L Design's clippie collection. I was working like a busy bee last night and I will be making more this evening and I will be adding them all into the shop soon!

Get well soon card

My grandmother fell recently and unfortunately fractured her wrist, so my daughter and I have decided to make some items to send to her so that she knows we are thinking about her. I whipped up this simple get well card for her, now of course if you like this simple style is can be customized with different wording and colours!

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